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I have been able to achieve my goals and have accomplished more. Jeffrey puts your dreams into reality by holding you accountable and preparing you for the steps to achieving those goals. Ask yourself how often you have had a good idea that you have not capitalized on and you will find a need for Jeffrey. read more…

–DM. Santa Clara, CA

I worked for 25 years in the high tech industry. After a car accident and job layoff, I needed to re-invent my career. I felt anxious and overwhelmed about what to do next and how to get started. I met Jeffrey Artz and began working with him. Jeffrey helped me to re-focus my actions when I became distracted. read more…

–CBB. Sunnyvale, CA

An Inspiration from Jeffrey:

"You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist."
––Friedrich Nietzsche

Every great accomplishment is at first impossible. My value to you as a coach is to help you find innovative ways to make the impossible … possible.


My innovative spirit allows me to introduce something new to your life; new ideas, solutions, goals and strategies to achieve those possibilities.


Innovation drives my passion and commitment to support you 100 percent.

A strategic plan and milestones do not happen overnight - they are essential to a plan and intended objective - they require effort - they are long term in nature.

Someone running along side you while you learn to ride the bike - that is the true value in coaching - especially from a coach that:

  • Believes in people and recognizes human potential
  • Subscribes to high ethical standards
  • Practices uncompromising integrity
  • Attains professional certification

As a coach, I want to give you the greatest gift anyone could give another person– my belief in you.

I'll be at your side as you solve problems, achieve goals and realize possibilities.


My coaching experience with Jeffrey, simply stated, has been great. Jeffrey and I have been working together for about a year now, and the amount I have accomplished with him surprises even me. read more…

–AFB. San Jose, CA

One of the biggest benefits I received from Jeffrey’s coaching was setting my foundations. Cleaning up unfinished business is one of them. I was reflecting today about how much me, individually, and Chris and I, jointly have accomplished since you coached me. read more…


Jeffrey is my conscience. He's not judgmental but always supportive. He's creative and gives me a new impetus of thoughts and ideas every time we meet. read more…

–AG. San Francisco, CA

It's always easy to write about positive people in your life!

Jeffrey was wonderful to work with. My meetings with him were such an escape from the every day grind. I was able to take deep breaths, slow down, and really think about what I want and who I want to be. read more…

–BT. San Jose, CA